Guysons Engineering Limited, formed in 1992, is the Number One Engine Rebuilding Workshop in Guyana. It has a large and rapidly expanding Design & Machining Capability.

Among the many Services GUYSONS offers are:

  • Complete Engine Rebuilding Capability
  • Rebuild from small Motor Cycle engines to the Largest Caterpillar, Komatsu and Mack engines.
  • Regrind Crankshafts.
  • Resurface, Bore & Sleeve Blocks and Con Rod Rebore.
  • Line Bore.
  • Resurface Heads, Insert Fitting, Valve Grinding, Wash, Test & Assemble.

Specialist Design and Machining Capability

  • General Fabrication and Build Spare parts
  • Machine Adapters for Fire Hydrants and Pump Housing for Miners.
  • Partners with Companies like BACIF to mould and machine Components and Rollers.
  • Works with International Companies like CAPE Inc. to design and build storage tanks for fuel, gas and slurry from the gold mines.
  • Also works with USA based ICON LNG to install Conversion Kits and provide 24 hour maintenance on 500KW Dual Fuel Caterpillar Generators.

Our customer base comprises manufacturers, miners, farmers, millers, aero and marine entities and includes Banks DIH, RUSAL and Bosai (Bauxite), DDL, John Fernandes (Shipping), Alfro Alphonso(Mining), Flour Mill, Beharry Automotive, MMC, Puran Bros., Massy Industries, Ready Mix etc.

We guarantee workmanship of the highest standard and deliver services on time every time. We also offer a money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the workmanship delivered.